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Avant Garde - M590 - Satin Silver - 20"

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Avant Garde - M590 - Satin Silver - 20" 

For those few who seek genuine exclusivity. Avant Garde Bespoke is a new program catered to those who demand a tailored wheel customized to the their specifications.

We pride ourselves on producing vehicle specific fitments engineered to fit as aggressively as possible without compromising performance. Now with the ability to produce custom bolt patterns and custom offsets, Avant Garde Bespoke provides each driver with their own perfect balance between form and function.

Finish is more than just another decision. It evokes emotion. It reveals personality. It makes a statement. Whether you choose from the plethora of powder coat colors or go with a multi-stage finishing process involving brushing and polishing, the Bespoke program allows each person to create something truly unique.

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Avant Garde
( ävänt-gärd )

Originally used to describe the front line of an advancing army, the term avant-garde is now applied to any group that represents the innovative and those who are ahead of the majority.

With this core philosophy, Avant Garde Wheels pushes the boundaries beyond what is accepted as the status quo in the wheel industry as a manufacturer of superior quality wheels with performance driven engineering in mind. Realizing that even the best looking wheel can be ruined with improper sizing, we engineer our wheels with proper fitments from the beginning. At Avant Garde, we are passionate not only about the quality of our wheels, but how they are going to look on your vehicle.


In order to maintain the highest quality possible, Avant Garde utilizes the latest in computer aided engineering and testing when it comes to the creation of all of our wheels. By utilizing Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we are able to perform detailed testing methods which ensure the strength and durability of our wheels. FEA allows for detailed visualizations of where a wheel can bend or twist and indicates the distribution of stresses and displacements. This allows for entire designs to be constructed, refined, and optimized before any manufacturing occurs. To ensure we never compromise on quality, each of our designs complies with the stringent testing of the industry recognized JWL standard. For detection of even the most minute flaws, our wheels are put under pressure in a specially designed water tank and scanned for hidden flaws by X-ray. This entire process ensures we provide the highest quality product to our customers.

As a result of our unique manufacturing abilities, Avant Garde is able to produce vehicle specific fitments designed to fit each application as aggressively as possible without compromising on style. Every Avant Garde wheel is produced with specific vehicles in mind in order to cater to the various niche markets from around the industry. Aggressive, yet functional fitment is our goal in order to make each of our wheels look as attractive as possible on your vehicle.

With over 40 years of experience in the automotive wheel industry, all of us at Avant Garde understand the level of attention to detail that should be required from everyone in this industry. Unfortunately, not all companies are fortunate enough to be managed and run by fellow automotive enthusiasts. Thankfully, our passion for engineering the best possible wheels can easily be recognized through the quality and finish of all of our products. Our passion for our own vehicles is reflected into the company and extends to our sales team, marketing department, and warehouse staff. Here at Avant Garde, we are fueled by enthusiasts and driven by passion.


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